NILA is a recommendation assistant based on a survey among students in Switzerland and our real expert recommendations. It uses the survey data to match students’ requirements for a mobile computer in their field of study with our expert recommendations. Comparing these results with the Neptun offer, NILA can make a suitable recommendation based on your answers to the questions below.

Which of the following fields of study is closest to your studies?

Please select the field of study closest to your studies (only if you are a student - otherwise choose "I am not a student")

Which of these do you prefer as your primary operating system?

Select nothing if you have no preferences

You are going to use your laptop for graphics-intensive games.

You use your laptop for complex CAD / 3D modeling projects.

You use your laptop to work with complex and data-intensive mathematical models.

You use your laptop for complex post-processing of photos.

You use your laptop for complex post-processing of videos.

You often read long texts (Journals/PDF,...) on your laptop.

You want to write handwritten notes on your screen.

Is the weight of your device very important to you?

Would you compromise on minimal weight to get the required performance?

Do you have a desktop PC at home?

Do you have an external monitor at home for use with your laptop or are planning to buy one?

Will you move abroad in the foreseeable future or do a semester abroad?

Are you willing to spend more than CHF 2000.- on your device?

Please note: this does not mean that NILA will only recommend products that cost less than CHF 2000.-, but will try to find one below CHF 2000.- if possible.